How It Works


About SkipUse

Who Is SkipUse For?

SkipUse is rated “E” for everyone. Developers and non-developers will be able to use SkipUse. Our purpose is to give everyone the ability to have greater control over the frequency they see repeated content, whether that’s by using a pre-developed app or integrating SkipUse into a current development project.

How Does SkipUse Work?

The concept is simple. SkipUse provides a simple way of suggesting prioritized (from the content you provide it) based on what you tell it you want to see more often. This suggested content is called Picks.

  1. Select your Picks. Picks can be almost anything, such as words, job search links or music files (as long as your Pick name is less than 255 characters.)
  2. Skip or Use your Picks. Member’s choose what they like or don’t.
  3. SkipUse will return the Picks your members prefer. Picks are returned based on how often they are skipped or used, but you can also choose what should be returned if needed. *Note: Pick content stats are not intended for use as big data or for reporting.

Is SkipUse Available Now?

No, not quite. SkipUse is still in development, and the demos aren’t live yet nor is it ready for integration.

Want a sneak peek? Your wish is our command.

Awesome Things Are Afoot!

When SkipUse is ready, we’ll have a plenty of usage and integration options for everyone. Here’s what we have in store:

Option 1: Demo Use
With just one click, you’ll be able to start using SkipUse immediately. The demos in development will help you to:

  • improve your spelling
  • bookmark your web links
  • sort tasks
  • take surveys
  • play your favorite music

Option 2: App Integration
This option will require a bit of know-how. Actions can be managed using the SkipUse API and is also the most flexible. You’ll be able to integrate SkipUse into your own app or use as an additional microservice for your current software needs.

Option 3: No-App Integration
This option allows you to log into the SkipUse portal and create your own collection of Pick IDs (you content). After you create an Access Pass ID and modify the Pick Query you want, you won’t need to log-in to get, skip or use the suggested Picks.

Option 4: Disposable
This is a pay-as-you-go anonymous account. You simply use it until you run out of usage credits (called “Nibbles”). Everything gets deleted when you’re finished.


Want to know when demos and integration options become available?

Email us and we’ll put you on the list!