Demos coming soon!

Just Skip & Use

This demo App shows how SkipUse can be used for just basic purposes. One Pick is offered from the collection and can be altered for future offerings by the "Skip" or "Use" button.

SkipUse is great for getting item Picks for things like: tasks, shopping lists, media selection, inspections and content.

Spelling Tutor

This demo App shows how SkipUse can be used to help with spelling. Words are entered into the collection and then can be practiced. Words are chosen more often when the person has difficultly spelling them. As the person is able to quickly and correctly spell the word, it will come up less often and will hide letters to add a challenge when practiced.

No log-in Access Pass

The apps listed here require that you are logged in to work. And creating an app requires that you use the API and SkipUseToken to communicate with the server. But you can still get access without having to log-in using an Access Pass.

This demo shows how a student can practice their spelling with just an Access Pass. They enter in the Access Pass ID and then can use the SkipUse service.

Developer Spelling App Exposed

This demo App is similar to the Spelling App. Click the "Show JSON" button to see what is sent and returned from the SkipUse server.

There is also an option to try out custom queries. You can try various combinations for getting your own Picks. This is also a helpful tool if you choose to build your own app and want to see the JSON returned for your own custom queries.